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At Beyond Studio

Soothe Body & Soul

If you're ready for change, we want to work with you. We help people resolve the old issues that hold them back and stifle their potential. You're a multidimensional being, and you become more of your true self when you learn how to pay attention to all aspects of who you are.

Healing Your Mind

At Beyond Studio, we find that people who get creative feel better faster. We see people healing through a mosaic of elements: physical, spiritual, artistic, emotional, and intellectual. Talking helps, but it's not enough. We all need to use the senses, engage the body, and promote new pathways for the mind.

Resolving Trauma

Early-life trauma sets us up for a limited kind of life - a fearful or depressed life, relationships that do not satisfy, and the sense of being lonely, bored, and misunderstood. Changing all that means resolving trauma, calming the body/mind, and learning new information that can change how we think of ourselves.

Our Therapists





Why are our walls green?

We crave color. When we satisfy that, we feel strength and energy and peace.

All of us worked in traditional clinics and offices over the years: spaces where walls were beige and carpets were brown and where metal desks were flanked by uncomfortable, canvas chairs. We felt drained and dreaded being trapped there for hours on end.

. . . And we went to therapy in those spaces too. We sat on gray couches and stared at standard hotel landscape paintings. We felt like sick patients, not like our vibrant, funny, complicated selves.

We fantasized a fresh and friendly environment where work blends with play, science melds with art, and you feel the serious rub shoulders with the exuberant.

When we met each other, we asked: Is it possible to make a therapy space feel like an art gallery? A place where people want to bring lunch and spend the day? Where clients are co-creators? A place to borrow and share books, do watercolor, and get ideas for your art journal? . . . What if a creative workspace could house good therapy?

So we dreamed up Beyond Studio, a space to honor story and tears but also laughter and sock puppets and piano lessons. We believe recovery takes all of that.

By rearranging the furniture, we rearrange our thoughts. By painting the walls, we reclaim spaces in our consciousness that used to be neglected. By making music, we hear ourselves as never before. In other words, better therapy happens when we please our inner decorators.

Next week, our walls could be turquoise.


“When I entered therapy, I was struggling with intense shame, depression, and anxiety resulting from the abuse I suffered as a child. My experience with EMDR therapy has been life-giving. Although I am still in the process, significant healing has begun to occur, and I believe I am on my way to becoming a more whole and healthy person.”

EMDR Therapy

"Kristen is the absolute sweetest, most caring therapist I have ever met! She has really helped me turn my life around!"

Arianna P